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Mobile solar panels may be the solution to the nitrogen problem

In order to comply with the agreements in the Climate Agreement, the Netherlands must switch from fossil fuels to sustainable fuels. Solar energy is a good alternative because the sun is always there, every day. In addition, the amount of sun that reaches Earth is about 9,000 times greater than the current energy requirement. That is why solar energy is the answer to the energy transition. But how are we going to capture all that solar? A farmer in Biddinghuizen came up with a solution.

From farmland to solar field

Farmer Jan states that land that needs to recover from intensive agriculture is very suitable for building movable solar panels. The panels can always be transferred to the next piece of land that needs to be repaired. As soon as one plot is released, the solar panels are moved to the next plot. The idea of allowing solar panels to participate in the change of crops is a completely new idea. Moreover, Wageningen University is reacting enthusiastically not only to the idea of Jan de Winter, but also by a multi-million dollar company that would like to work with the farmer.

Battery collaboration

In the meantime, product development is in full swing. Together with two partners, de Winter has been working for a year now to realize his dream. His idea has also been getting more and more attention recently. For example, Mobilis TBI wants to enter into a collaboration by filling containers with batteries, which are charged by means of electricity from the mobile solar panels from the solar fields. Through these containers, the company wants to supply its construction sites with electricity. The combination of movable solar panels and battery containers is unique.

Setback due to subsidy

Although the farmer has the biggest plans with his invention and he would prefer to install the mobile solar panels all over the Netherlands, that is not yet possible. Unfortunately, these plans are not feasible without a subsidy. And because the solar panels are mobile, they are not yet covered by the current regulations. It is a shame, because the demand for solar energy is increasing rapidly in the Netherlands. Moreover, solar energy is desperately needed to meet the CO2 targets of 2050. The government plays a crucial role in this.

The solar carport as an alternative

Although the invention of farmer Jan offers a special solution, it may not be very attractive for you as an entrepreneur without the subsidy possibilities. Moreover, the invention focuses (until now) only on agricultural land. However, as a (smaller) organization or company, you also want to contribute to the climate by doing something more sustainable. But did you know that even with a small piece of land you can already make a big difference? One of the best ways to do this is perhaps the carport with solar panels for a green parking space. The solar carport provides green electricity, generated via the solar panels on the roof of the carport. This allows you to park your car safely, charge it and at the same time generate green energy. And all in the same place. With the solar carport you combine functionality with durability. The solar carport can be realized in almost any parking space, whether you have a parking space the size of a meadow, or a smaller size.

AmperaPark would like to get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities of a solar carport!