Apollo-Vredestein was the first organization to have an AmperaPort installed on their site in Enschede. We discussed this with Manfred Rudolf, Sustainability Manager Europe at Apollo-Vredestein. We investigate why they chose an AmperaPort. 

What do you as an organization do about sustainability?

“Apollo-Vredestein tries to keep the CO2 footprint of products as low as possible. To achieve this, we are looking at options to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible at our production locations and in the supply chain. We also try to take this into account when purchasing raw materials. ”

Are you taking major steps in the transition to a lower CO2 footprint?

“Yes, but the switch to sustainable alternatives requires major investments. The transition cannot go fast enough for me. ”

Why is sustainability important to you?
As a company, you naturally have to contribute to the survival of this earth. We must be economical with the raw materials we have. That is why we are also looking at the reuse of waste, as is done in the circular economy. With this we hope to improve our waste management. Water use during the production process is also very important. We have to use water sparingly because it is getting drier everywhere. In the long term, we also see that things are changing and as a company we have to go along with this.

How does the AmperaPort fit within your sustainability goals?

“The AmperaPort ensures efficient use of space. You park your car and generate green energy at the same time. In addition, the car is covered, which leads to a more pleasant temperature in summer and winter. As a result, we use less heating and air conditioning. This provides an extra bit of comfort and energy savings. 

Other lasting effects are achieved through the use of the wooden uprights. The wood naturally stores CO2, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions. In addition, the design of the AmperaPort is also very cool to see. ”

What are your experiences with AmperaPark?

“We are the first party to install an AmperaPort, which is something to be proud of. The development process as the first party is of course always difficult. There are many things that need to be investigated and realized. We have been very satisfied with Richard in this. He managed the project well, always fulfilled agreements well, and resolved unforeseen shortcomings well. When placing a prototype, it is normal that things sometimes go wrong. But this was not the case with AmperaPark. We are therefore very satisfied with our AmperaPort. 

We have been using the AmperaPort for over a year now, and we had an expected yield of 17 to 18 MWh per year. Ultimately, the yield was even higher than expected. ”

Sustainability is the priority of the moment for the Netherlands. How to stop global warming by reducing our emissions. Companies and agencies also have an important role to play in this. With this in mind, from 1 January 2023 it will be mandatory for any business premises larger than 100m2 to have at least energy label C. Are you looking for a way to make your property meet that requirement or do you want to contribute to more sustainability anyway? Then the carport with solar panels from AmperaPark is for you.

Preserve your property

The importance of sustainability and the pollution that comes with our energy consumption; You can’t get around it these days. Tens of thousands of people are demonstrating in The Hague and Amsterdam to call attention to climate change. Almost everyone is busy reducing their own emissions. One of the largest sources of pollution in the Netherlands are commercial premises. 15% of all energy used in the Netherlands comes from buildings of companies and institutions. That’s usually not green energy. A carport with solar panels from AmperaPark can make an important contribution in making this energy more sustainable. With amperapark’s solar carport, you can turn your grey parking space into a green parking lot. A sustainable parking lot with amperapark solar carport provides 2,800 kwH of energy annually. Not only does this preserve the energy consumption of your building, but by generating your own energy, the energy bill will also be lowered!

Financially advantageous

Whether you have just a few parking spaces near your property or space for thousands of cars, AmperaPark makes the carports with solar panels tailor-made for you. When you choose to make your parking space sustainable by placing a solar carport, the government offers various tax advantages and subsidies. In this way, the costs remain as low as possible, while the carports with solar panels only make money in the long term. In addition, the AmperaPort was delivered very quickly. Within one week, your grey parking lot can already be enriched with the carport with solar panels from AmperaPark. 

With the latest technology

Through a collaboration with the University of Twente and other knowledge-rich partners, the best and newest technology is used in the development of the AmperaPort. This ensures maximum return. In addition, the solar panel carports are equipped with a plug-and-play mechanism, which allows electric cars to be charged easily and quickly. The carports also provide a canopy against the sun and rain for the parked cars and they are also a nice eye-catcher in your parking lot. So opt for amperapark’s solar carport to quickly meet your sustainability goals and save your wallet.

Check out our carport with solar panels

Whereas a few years ago the Toyota Prius became famous as the first hybrid car to be successful worldwide, today you can see a Tesla or other electric car on every street corner. The number of such cars in the Netherlands has exploded in recent years. In 2019, the number of all-electric cars has more than doubled and in total there are more than 400,000 electric cars around since January 2020. In view of climate change as one of the biggest social problems of the moment and the corresponding switch to sustainable energy, this development makes sense. Better and cheaper electric cars are also being designed and the number is expected to continue to grow strongly in the coming years. The demand for charging points for electric cars will also increase in the coming years. With a AmperaPort – amperapark’s solar carport – you can respond to that need and allow the users of your parking space to recharge the car in a sustainable way. The solarcarport transforms your grey parking space into a sustainable parking lot, where the self-induced renewable energy can be used to charge electric cars.

One sustainable parking space = 15,000 sustainable kilometres

For users of electric cars, it is useful to be able to charge the car when they are parked somewhere long; at home or at work. So there will be a lot of demand for charging points in parking lots at companies or other agencies. By placing a AmperaPort you fulfill that need. AmperaPark’s solar carports are equipped with a plug-and-play mechanism, which allows electric cars to be charged without difficulty. That way, your employees or other users of your parking lot can easily charge the car with locally generated, renewable energy. A sustainable parking lot with amperapark solar carport delivers 2,800 kwH of energy per year, enough to drive 15,000 kilometers!

Sustainable and practical

Whether your parking space is for just a few cars or has room for thousands of cars, the solar carport can make every parking space a sustainable parking lot. The solar carports are custom made for your parking space. In the long term, generating renewable energy yourself naturally generates money, but a sustainable parking space helps to achieve a better energy label for your property. This is useful, because from 2023 it is mandatory to have at least energy label C. When building the solar carport, you can use a number of subsidies and tax advantages, which keep costs low. In addition, delivering a amperapark solar carport does not take long: already within one week the AmperaPort can be installed and the users of your parking lot can charge their car with sustainably generated energy.

The best of the best

AmperaPark wants to guarantee that the AmperaPort delivers the maximum efficiency. To achieve this, AmperaPark works with the Technical University of Twente and other knowledge-rich bodies, giving us the very best and most innovative technology. In addition, we have a team of experienced professionals – specializing in various fields such as Electric Engineering, Sustainable Energy Technology and Finance – who ensure that we deliver the best product and service possible.

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ENSCHEDE – Together with the University of Twente, Mennekes and Super B, AmperaPark is working on developing smart parking spaces. These smart parking spaces will contribute to the power supply of electric vehicles and surrounding buildings in a sustainable way by means of solar panels and batteries. In this way, grey parking spaces can be converted to green and smart energy sources.

Under the banner of the Top sector Energy, TKI Urban Energy is working on a CO2-free built environment by 2050. For this purpose, partnerships are formed between Dutch knowledge institutions and companies, with the aim of developing sustainable innovation. The University of Twente (UT), Mennekes, Super B and AmperaPark are working together on a smart parking space, which generates its own electricity by means of solar panels and stores locally in batteries. In this way, electric vehicles can be charged with electricity generated on site, even when the sun is not shining. The smart parking lot is connected to the energy network of surrounding buildings and thus supports the local energy grid.

Generating local energy with a sustainable parking space

The ‘electrification’ of heat supply and transport makes this support much needed. In order to prevent the disastrous effects of climate change and limit global warming, there needs to be a large reduction in CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. There must therefore be a transition from CO2 emitting fossil fuels to renewable energy. This renewable energy is mainly produced in the form of electricity. A switch from diesel and petrol cars to electric cars and houses heated not by gas, but by heat pumps. The current electricity infrastructure cannot handle this complete transition to electricity. Because people heat their homes at the same times and recharge cars, there is a big spike in demand. When the power grid collapses, it results in power outages. However, this network can be supported by generating and using local energy. Only the moment when the electricity is generated does not always correspond to the moment when it is actually needed: solar panels only generate electricity during the day, but people also want to charge their cars at night. In order to support the energy grid properly, it is therefore important that the generation, consumption and storage are coordinated.

The smart parking space

The smart parking space that the UT, Mennekes, Super B and AmperaPark are developing must provide a solution for this. Amperapark’s solar carports in the smart parking lot generate sustainable electricity and guarantee optimal use of public space. That electricity can be used to charge electric vehicles or support the local power grid. By storing the electricity in batteries, the smart parking system provides flexibility, allowing vehicles to be charged when the sun is not shining and the power grid can be supported when electricity demand is high. However, the electric vehicles do not only take power from the parking lot. For maximum flexibility, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) can be used to recover electricity from the electric vehicles. The first smart parking space will be realized this summer.

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Amperapark transforms your grey parking space into a solar energy source. Through our solar carports, your parking space is not a grey spot, but also generates energy in a sustainable way. In this way, the parking lot gets a double function with a green tint.

In addition, the solar carports have even more advantages. Below we will tell you more about the advantages and construction of our AmperaPort.

What are the benefits?

By using the AmperaPort you contribute to energy generation in a sustainable way. This has positive effects on the image of your organization.

There are also several economic benefits to a solar carport from AmperaPark. By generating power you generate extra income and the dual function of your land makes your land worth more. Grants can cover part of the project costs, which can lower the investment.

There are also advantages for the users of your parking space. AmperaPark’s solar carports offer the perfect opportunity to charge an electric car.

In addition, cars stay dry, cool and clean by parking under the Amperaport. The AmperaPort also has a modern design, making the solar carports a good eye-catcher for your business.

The construction of the solar carport

A solar carport is not the same as a solar park, which are often placed on large grassy plains. On empty plains, the designer has all the space to install the solar panels as efficiently as possible. Your premises, on the other hand, must also function well as a parking space. A professional preliminary study is important to distribute the solar carports in the most efficient way, without compromising the number of parking spaces and the efficiency of the power generation. By working with various knowledge partners, we can ensure that the amperaport’s technology is up-to-date and therefore the most efficient.

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AmperaPark recently realized a solar carport at Vastbouw in Rijssen. The placement process is fully recorded by AmperaPark, resulting in the video below.

Interested in transforming your grey parking space into a sustainable parking space? Check out amperapark’s Solarcarport.


AmperaPark has delivered an 18KWp project for six parking spaces for the guest parking lot of De Groot Vroomshoop Groep. This parking lot has 3 22KW charging points from Mennekes. The AmperaPort uses modular frames with 72 cells solar panels.

Do you also want a sustainable parking space? Then look at the possibility of installing a solar carport of AmperaPark.

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