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5 years, 5,000 parking spaces, 5 billion solar kilometers!

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The energy transition should go faster, will you help?

Sustainable driving on solar power

Electric vehicles are most sustainable when powered by green electricity. AmperaPark produces green electricity where EVs are parked the most: in car parks.

Limiting grid load, reducing congestion

Electric vehicles (EVs), just like fossil fuel cars, are usually parked. Often at work, at a customer’s premises, while shopping or while exercising. That is when AmperaPark charges the batteries of EVs with solar power. To do this, we have smart charging stations, our own software and a beautifully designed solar carport: our AmperaPort. We value design and sustainability, for example, through our larchwood AmperaPorts. Our AmperaPort also has a passport of used materials, which means we know where the various components come from and how they can be reused in the future.

With our own software, we control the charging stations so that we maximize the use of the (predicted) solar power and any available solar power in the external batteries that we often install. Of course, we can also charge when there is no solar power (for example, at night). We do this with our smart algorithms. This innovative way of charging allows AmperaPark to charge more with existing network connection values and put less strain on the power network.

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Richard Kokhuis - Managing Director


Our team

Richard Kokhuis

Managing Director

Seppo de Wijngaert

Director Sales & Marketing

Suzanne Deibert

Business Development

Reinoud Rath

Business Development

Nico de Jong

Business Development

Fabian Kusche

Junior Sales Manager Germany

Jeannine Ferweda

Sales Associate

Miranda Fidder

Management Assistant

François Hoekstra

Operations Manager

Bart Nijenhuis

Research & Development Engineer

Mazhar Shaikh

Project Engineer

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Team AmperaPark


AmperaPark has been active as a provider of smart, attractive solar charging stations for more than five years. We have a team of passionate professionals, with a good mix of young talent and experienced specialists. We work from our offices in Amsterdam and Enschede.

We work closely with our strategic partners Mennekes (charging), Voortman steel (construction) and Volkerwessels/De Groot Vroomshoop (wood).

We find it important to continuously make our solar charging stations smarter and more beautiful so we collaborate with leading designers. For R&D, we are involved in various (European) research projects with, among others, the University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and

5 years, 5,000 parking spaces, 5 billion solar kilometers!

Our ambition is to give the energy transition an enormous boost by facilitating and stimulating electric driving with our comfortable, intuitive solar charging stations, which you will find in more and more places. Over the next five years, we will equip at least 5,000 medium and large car parks in Europe with our AmperaPort’s. This will generate solar power for more than 5 billion electric kilometres annually.

Will you join us?

We have already been able to make the car parks of many (international) companies and leading organisations more sustainable. For them, the investment usually pays for itself within 5 to 10 years, sometimes even sooner. Our customers also increasingly choose AmperaPark EASY, our operational lease option, which means they do not have to invest at all.

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A smart, sustainable way of generating energy


More sustainable
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