Your own green energy

Turn your grey car park into a green source of renewable energy

Hi, we are AmperaPark

We at AmperaPark believe that making our planet more sustainable can and should be done faster and smarter. We do this by turning thousands of grey parking spaces into green energy sources. Within one week we will turn your grey parking space into a smart, green energy source with our innovative AMPERAPORT! This brings us another step closer to a clean and sustainable world. Smart, fast and efficient!

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Your own energy

With the AMPERAPORT you can easily produce green electricity at your own parking space. You can then use this power directly to charge your electric fleet and your daily business operations.

Ready for the future

From January 1, 2023, every office larger than 100 m² must have at least energy label C. Not only that, most cars will be electric in the future. The AMPERAPORT responds perfectly to these developments!

Comfort and design

Thanks to its modern design, the AMPERAPORT provides parking comfort, a sustainable look and convenience for your employees and visitors. Your corporate identity will get a green boost!


We work exclusively with sustainable materials and the most modern solar energy technology. Producing and storing green solar energy in parking lots, smart charging of electric vehicles and smart grids form the basis of AmperaPark.


AmperaPark wants to contribute to the realization of SMART-energy networks, where the production of clean energy and the use of it takes place at the same place. The more SMART networks, the less energy transport!

We develop our technology together with highly ranked research institutes like the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

The need for greener energy sources is clear to almost everyone. There is, however, less consensus on the places where we can produce that energy. People prefer not to encroach on the landscape, like solar parks in meadows or windmills. We at AmperaPark found a clever solution: generating energy at parking places. This way we make double use of public space without harming our beautiful nature. We are ready for the future!

Richard Kokhuis

Richard Kokhuis | Managing Director