Of course you have questions! We have listed the most frequently asked questions and their answers for you. More questions? Feel free to contact us.

Can I also lease a solar carport?
Yes, in addition to purchase, there are also options for financial lease and operational lease: AmperaParkEasy.
Are the cars also charged when the sun is not shining?
Yes, in that case the cars are charged with green mains power or with stored solar power from the battery storage. AmperaPark has special software that ensures that green energy is used as smartly as possible.
Do I need a permit for an AmperaPark solar carport?
Dat verschilt per gemeente. De experts van AmperaPark kunnen u daar mee verder helpen.
Are there (tax) advantages if I have a solar charging station installed?
AmperaPark works with a specialized company that can help with possible tax benefits and possibly obtaining subsidies.
Can an AmperaPark solar charging station be moved if my company moves?
Our solar charging stations are built with a movable screw foundation. In principle, the entire system can therefore be taken to a next location.
Can the AmperaPark solar carport be expanded later?
Yes, the system is modular and easily expandable.
Can I install an AmperaPort when the land is not owned by me?
In this case, the owner of the land will be contacted. If this is the municipality, reference can be made to the climate objectives that each municipality has in support of the need. A solar charging station can significantly improve the feasibility of these goals.
How long does it take to build a solar carport?
After the contract has been signed and any permit has been granted by the municipality, construction can start very quickly. The net construction time is 2 weeks.

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