October 9, 2020

AmperaPark now partner of the Fenix project!


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In cooperation with various partners, AmperaPark participates in the Fenix project, in which small and medium-sized enterprises involve highly educated young people. In this way, a younger generation is involved in the energy transition in a promising way.

Project Fenix

Within the Fenix project, talented trainees will have the opportunity to work on various projects at SMEs involved in the energy transition. They will be closely involved in the innovation and development of new products in the various projects. During this process they work together with the management and are responsible for the development of the new innovations. In this way, they will have to deal directly with the responsibilities they will encounter after the traineeship.

Assessments as a starting point

During the entire process, the focus will be on the personal and professional development of the trainees. For example, an assessment will look at the knowledge and skills they possess at the beginning of the process. The companies then look for ways to develop them further.

Gaining experience at different companies

The process takes six months. During this time, the trainees gain experience at three different companies. During the entire period, the trainees have one mentor who provides personal guidance.

The cooperation between SMEs creates a culture in which knowledge is shared between the different companies. In this way, we work together on innovations and efficient solutions to accelerate the energy transition. The network built up also creates new opportunities for the companies.

We look forward to working with the trainees and the other companies in the project!

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