August 20, 2020

Apollo-Vredestein about their AmperaPort



Apollo-Vredestein was the first organization to have an AmperaPort installed on their site in Enschede. We discussed this with Manfred Rudolf, Sustainability Manager Europe at Apollo-Vredestein. We investigate why they chose an AmperaPort. 

What do you as an organization do about sustainability?

“Apollo-Vredestein tries to keep the CO2 footprint of products as low as possible. To achieve this, we are looking at options to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible at our production locations and in the supply chain. We also try to take this into account when purchasing raw materials. ”

Are you taking major steps in the transition to a lower CO2 footprint?

“Yes, but the switch to sustainable alternatives requires major investments. The transition cannot go fast enough for me. ”

Why is sustainability important to you?
As a company, you naturally have to contribute to the survival of this earth. We must be economical with the raw materials we have. That is why we are also looking at the reuse of waste, as is done in the circular economy. With this we hope to improve our waste management. Water use during the production process is also very important. We have to use water sparingly because it is getting drier everywhere. In the long term, we also see that things are changing and as a company we have to go along with this.

How does the AmperaPort fit within your sustainability goals?

“The AmperaPort ensures efficient use of space. You park your car and generate green energy at the same time. In addition, the car is covered, which leads to a more pleasant temperature in summer and winter. As a result, we use less heating and air conditioning. This provides an extra bit of comfort and energy savings. 

Other lasting effects are achieved through the use of the wooden uprights. The wood naturally stores CO2, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions. In addition, the design of the AmperaPort is also very cool to see. ”

What are your experiences with AmperaPark?

“We are the first party to install an AmperaPort, which is something to be proud of. The development process as the first party is of course always difficult. There are many things that need to be investigated and realized. We have been very satisfied with Richard in this. He managed the project well, always fulfilled agreements well, and resolved unforeseen shortcomings well. When placing a prototype, it is normal that things sometimes go wrong. But this was not the case with AmperaPark. We are therefore very satisfied with our AmperaPort. 

We have been using the AmperaPort for over a year now, and we had an expected yield of 17 to 18 MWh per year. Ultimately, the yield was even higher than expected. ”

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