De Groot Vroomshoop

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6 parking places

AmperaPark supplied a solar carport for the guest car park of de Groot Vroomshoop Groep. This car park has 3 charging stations and can accommodate 6 cars. The solar charging station is located near the entrance of De Groot Vroomshoop Groep’s offices and is frequently used by both visitors and employees.

“The coordination with AmperaPark is to our complete satisfaction.”

Hans Paauwe – De Groot Vroomshoop

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Why did you choose this solar carport?

“De Groot Vroomshoop is the supplier of the wooden uprights of this solar carport, so AmperaPark was a logical choice.”

What was the specific reason for the purchase?

“There was a need for charging facilities for electric vehicles.”

How is the cooperation with AmperaPark going?

“The coordination with AmperaPark is satisfactory.

Do you have any insight into the yield of the solar charging station?

“Next to the carport there is a test roof with PV panels connected to the same inverter and together they produce quite a bit. Together they produce between 1.8 (winter) and 5.8 MWh (April/May/June). This is tracked every quarter.”

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