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At Hotel Restaurant Frans op den Bult, sustainable entrepreneurship is important and they were the first hotel restaurant in Overijssel to install a solar charging station. Guests of Frans op den Bult can park in the shade under the solar carport and at the same time charge their car with solar power. When more power is generated, this power can be stored in batteries.



“We’re happy to see that the solar charging station is being used a lot.”

Pauline Scholten-Hellegers | Frans op den Bult

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Why did you decide to install a solar carport?

“We had noticed that more and more electric cars need charging facilities and we would like to offer our guests something extra. We believe that in the near future there will be more guests with electric vans as well. They can charge their van at night and be on the road the next morning, fully charged.”

Are you happy with your solar charging station?

“Yes, we can see that the solar charging station is being used a lot.”

How was the cooperation with AmperaPark?

“We made a good, clear agreement and they are always available if we have any questions.”

So what does the AmperaPort give you in return?

“We get green electricity, which lowers our bill a little, which is nice at the moment. In addition, our guests are happy that they can charge their cars at our hotel restaurant. So far a win-win situation.”

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