March 25, 2021

How can a solar carport from AmperaPark green your company?



More and more companies in the Netherlands are aware of the need to do business sustainably. A study by CSR Netherlands shows that the corona crisis has also played a role in this. About 80 percent of Dutch companies see opportunities for sustainable entrepreneurship due to the corona crisis. Companies indicated that the ‘awareness that things have to be different’ is growing and that there is now an opportunity to make sustainable entrepreneurship the standard. A solar carport is a good way to green your business!

A solar carport: a canopy with solar panels

At AmperaPark, the AmperaPort developed: a sustainable canopy with solar panels with which you can turn your parking lot into a green energy source. In addition to making your business more sustainable, this carport with solar panels also has other advantages. With the solar carport you can easily meet your energy target. From 1 January 2023, organisations larger than 100 m2 must have at least energy label C. With the installation of a solar carport from AmperaPark, achieving this goal is easy.

In addition, you can make use of various tax advantages and government subsidies when you opt for a canopy with solar panels for the parking lot of your company. This makes greening your business even easier. The AmperaPort also has a unique design that makes the parking space an eye-catcher. Since the parking lot is the first thing a visitor to the company sees, you immediately make a good impression with a solar carport.

A sustainable parking space

AmperaPark’s solar carport produces about 3000 kWh per parking space, per year! This is due to the semi-transparent solar panels specially designed for the AmperaPort. This solar energy can then be easily converted into energy for your electric car, bicycle or scooter. 3000kWh equals about 15,000 solar kilometres per year. This way, your company is no longer dependent on mains power, but you have your own energy! In addition, a solar carport makes efficient use of the scarce space. Almost every company has a piece of parking space and by cleverly decorateing this place, you get a profit in terms of sustainability. By using a carport with solar panels, you do not have to sacrifice valuable space, but you do wake up green energy. In addition, the company’s vehicles and personnel are protected from sun and rain. A win-win situation!

Greening your business

A canopy with solar panels is therefore an efficient way to make your business more sustainable. AmperaPark’s AmperaPort is also scalable. The units are custom made from 3 to 3000 parking spaces. So you don’t have to make your entire parking space more sustainable at once, but you can also get started step by step. This lowers the threshold for a green parking space. Our solar carports can also be equipped with a smart charging system for electric cars. This way you immediately gain insight into your own generated energy.

Do you want to know what you can save by a solar carport? At AmperaPark we have developed a tool that gives you accurate insight into the potential savings by placing carport with solar panels. The tool shows without obligation how you will convert your current company parking space into a green energy source.  

Do you want to know more about how you can green your company by means of a solar carport? Please contact us. We are happy to provide you with information and tell you everything about carports and solar panels.  

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