March 16, 2021

Solar carport as an alternative to sunbathing areas


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The energy transition in the Netherlands is in full swing, but the full potential is not yet being exploited. Especially in the field of solar panel energy generation, there is a lot of profit to be made by applying a smarter strategy, according to tno research. The Netherlands has the potential to generate up to twenty times as much solar energy as it does now, but this requires a more efficient approach.

Reduced support for sunbathing areas

Most solar panels in the Netherlands are realized today in sunbathing areas. This means that solar panels are installed on agricultural land. The reason for this is that the choice for the installation of solar panels is often left to the market. This puts a lot of pressure on support for solar panels. Local residents wonder why in-the-eye-jumping sunbathing areas are being built, while many roofs of, for example, commercial buildings remain unused.

However, the possibilities for installing solar panels are not limited to only commercial premises. Thinking out-of-the-box brings us to solar panels on sound barriers, cars, walls, roads and of course carport solar panels. At Amperapark we dive right into that hole: we provide carport solar panels (also called solar carports). With every installation of a carport with solar panels, we contribute to this national issue, and we are proud of that!

Empty company roofs

However, the tide has not turned: in the meantime, more and more sunbathing areas are coming instead of smart solutions. An article by the NIS shows that there are already 300 solar fields and 400 more are planned. A subsidy has also been granted for this.

Because of these solar panels, the discussion is heating up more and more. For example, residents in Nijmegen were outraged that ten thousand solar panels were placed in a meadow, while, for example, the company roofs in the neighborhood are still empty.

Inconspicuous solar panels in the landscape

The increasing objections to solar farms are at odds with the support that TNO believes is needed to achieve the climate goals. According to STATISTICS Netherlands, the total power generated by solar energy is currently over 10 gigawatts. TNO estimates that this could grow to 200 gigawatts by 2050. This will require the support base.

It is essential that solar panels are not placed ostentatiously, but rather integrate in an inconspicuous way into the existing landscape and cityscape. This requires smart solutions. Carport solar panels are a logical solution. After all, Carports are existing constructions that can be transformed relatively easily into solar carports. A carport with solar panels hits two birds with one stone: you can charge your car under your solar carport.

Would you like to know more about carport solar panels, or are you interested in a solar carport yourself? Contact us for more information about a carport with solar panels!

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