March 10, 2021

The building decree: Making office buildings more sustainable



For many companies, it is quite a company to improve the energy label. However, it can be a lot simpler than you think by, for example, installing solar panels on the roof, a carport with solar panels or a green charging station for the electric car. In the coming years, improving the energy label of office buildings will become very important. The building decree, which was concluded in 2012, states that every office building of 100m2 or larger must have at least the energy label C. In 2030, that will even become energy label A.

The criteria for obtaining energy label C for your office building depend on three aspects:

In order to meet these criteria, the government also provides support in the form of financial and tax arrangements. For example, there are financial schemes for obtaining subsidies such as the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) and the Investment Subsidy for Renewable Energy (ISDE). You can use the EIA to receive tax advantage for investments in renewable energy. You receive the ISDE when you invest in energy-saving installations, such as a carport with solar panels. For the exact criteria you can look at this page of RVO about the ISDE. Also, bodies such as CSR offer a lot of information about making your company more sustainable and offer opportunities to act as a facilitating role for possible collaborations and guiding innovation processes.

AmperaPark’s solar carports offer a suitable solution to the problem that many office buildings face: how do I achieve the energy label C as efficiently as possible? Many of the larger office buildings have an associated parking space. Parking spaces are probably not the first thing you think about when you want to make your office building more sustainable, but these offer an easy and non-invasive opportunity to achieve a better energy label.  

In addition, the AmperPark carports with solar panels are a perfect signboard for customers who have an affinity with sustainability and normally brighten up your normally grey parking space. Of course, the benefits are not only visual, you also save a lot of costs in the long term. With our Sun4Miles Tool you can calculate how much money and energy you can save annually when you choose to install a carport with solar panels. In the long term, therefore, the initial investment pays for itself.  

The energy will mainly be used for charging electric vehicles by providing the charging station for electric cars with electricity. Due to the construction of solar carports and an electric charging station for cars, you have a double advantage from your investment in achieving energy label C and with a robust base you are already strong when you switch to energy label A in 2030.

In the long term, the purchase of a solar carport therefore offers a lot of advantages, and you can recoup the investment in the long term through the constant supply of sustainable energy. The transformation from a normally grey parking space to a green and cheerful appearance can thus have a positive impact on both employees and customers. This way you can make a big impact in making your business premises more sustainable and it will be a lot easier to achieve the energy label C before 2023.

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