February 8, 2021

Charging stations for electric cars as golden investment for investors


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There is no denying that electric driving is the future. Sales of electric cars and scooters have been increasing exponentially for years, as have the number of charging points in the Netherlands. These positive figures make it an attractive investment for many investors. They see the charging station as a golden opportunity.

Exponential growth in electric mobility

The increase in sales of electric vehicles means that the number of charging points must also increase steadily. Not only in the Netherlands electric driving is increasing, electric vehicles are also popular in Norway, Iceland, Sweden and China. In 2019, the share of electric cars in these 5 countries was more than 1.5% of the total fleet. This makes the Netherlands one of the major players in the field of electric mobility.

Green energy on the stock exchange

The market capitalisation of companies producing charging stations also continues to increase. Although many charging station producers still make little to no profit, investors have expressed their confidence in this sector.

The Dutch market is therefore popular for many investors. At the moment, more than 20 percent of all new cars are fully electric. The rapid growth causes the number of electric cars per charging station to increase. In 2018, for example, there were 3.8 cars per charging station. By 2020, 4.5 cars would have to do with one charging station. The number of charging stations will therefore have to increase rapidly in order to meet demand in the future.

The charging station nearby and at work

If electric driving becomes accessible to a larger group of people, the charging station at work and in the neighbourhood will become increasingly important. After all, not everyone has room for a charging station in the driveway. Many investors therefore believe that the commercial charging points are a good investment.

The charging station at work also continues to play an important part in the demand for sustainable mobility opportunities. Amperapark’s solar panel carport offers the possibility to create green charging capacity in asphalted areas. In this way, space can be used twice. It offers a better alternative on the usual charging stations.

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