June 24, 2020

More charging facilities for electric cars?


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Whereas a few years ago the Toyota Prius became famous as the first hybrid car to be successful worldwide, today you can see a Tesla or other electric car on every street corner. The number of such cars in the Netherlands has exploded in recent years. In 2019, the number of all-electric cars has more than doubled and in total there are more than 400,000 electric cars around since January 2020. In view of climate change as one of the biggest social problems of the moment and the corresponding switch to sustainable energy, this development makes sense. Better and cheaper electric cars are also being designed and the number is expected to continue to grow strongly in the coming years. The demand for charging points for electric cars will also increase in the coming years. With a AmperaPort – amperapark’s solar carport – you can respond to that need and allow the users of your parking space to recharge the car in a sustainable way. The solarcarport transforms your grey parking space into a sustainable parking lot, where the self-induced renewable energy can be used to charge electric cars.

One sustainable parking space = 15,000 sustainable kilometres

For users of electric cars, it is useful to be able to charge the car when they are parked somewhere long; at home or at work. So there will be a lot of demand for charging points in parking lots at companies or other agencies. By placing a AmperaPort you fulfill that need. AmperaPark’s solar carports are equipped with a plug-and-play mechanism, which allows electric cars to be charged without difficulty. That way, your employees or other users of your parking lot can easily charge the car with locally generated, renewable energy. A sustainable parking lot with amperapark solar carport delivers 2,800 kwH of energy per year, enough to drive 15,000 kilometers!

Sustainable and practical

Whether your parking space is for just a few cars or has room for thousands of cars, the solar carport can make every parking space a sustainable parking lot. The solar carports are custom made for your parking space. In the long term, generating renewable energy yourself naturally generates money, but a sustainable parking space helps to achieve a better energy label for your property. This is useful, because from 2023 it is mandatory to have at least energy label C. When building the solar carport, you can use a number of subsidies and tax advantages, which keep costs low. In addition, delivering a amperapark solar carport does not take long: already within one week the AmperaPort can be installed and the users of your parking lot can charge their car with sustainably generated energy.

The best of the best

AmperaPark wants to guarantee that the AmperaPort delivers the maximum efficiency. To achieve this, AmperaPark works with the Technical University of Twente and other knowledge-rich bodies, giving us the very best and most innovative technology. In addition, we have a team of experienced professionals – specializing in various fields such as Electric Engineering, Sustainable Energy Technology and Finance – who ensure that we deliver the best product and service possible.

Want to know more about the possibility of placing Solar carport in your parking lot? Check out our page about solarcarports!

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