July 20, 2020

The AmperaPort: sustainable carport with solar panels



Sustainability is the priority of the moment for the Netherlands. How to stop global warming by reducing our emissions. Companies and agencies also have an important role to play in this. With this in mind, from 1 January 2023 it will be mandatory for any business premises larger than 100m2 to have at least energy label C. Are you looking for a way to make your property meet that requirement or do you want to contribute to more sustainability anyway? Then the carport with solar panels from AmperaPark is for you.

Preserve your property

The importance of sustainability and the pollution that comes with our energy consumption; You can’t get around it these days. Tens of thousands of people are demonstrating in The Hague and Amsterdam to call attention to climate change. Almost everyone is busy reducing their own emissions. One of the largest sources of pollution in the Netherlands are commercial premises. 15% of all energy used in the Netherlands comes from buildings of companies and institutions. That’s usually not green energy. A carport with solar panels from AmperaPark can make an important contribution in making this energy more sustainable. With amperapark’s solar carport, you can turn your grey parking space into a green parking lot. A sustainable parking lot with amperapark solar carport provides 2,800 kwH of energy annually. Not only does this preserve the energy consumption of your building, but by generating your own energy, the energy bill will also be lowered!

Financially advantageous

Whether you have just a few parking spaces near your property or space for thousands of cars, AmperaPark makes the carports with solar panels tailor-made for you. When you choose to make your parking space sustainable by placing a solar carport, the government offers various tax advantages and subsidies. In this way, the costs remain as low as possible, while the carports with solar panels only make money in the long term. In addition, the AmperaPort was delivered very quickly. Within one week, your grey parking lot can already be enriched with the carport with solar panels from AmperaPark. 

With the latest technology

Through a collaboration with the University of Twente and other knowledge-rich partners, the best and newest technology is used in the development of the AmperaPort. This ensures maximum return. In addition, the solar panel carports are equipped with a plug-and-play mechanism, which allows electric cars to be charged easily and quickly. The carports also provide a canopy against the sun and rain for the parked cars and they are also a nice eye-catcher in your parking lot. So opt for amperapark’s solar carport to quickly meet your sustainability goals and save your wallet.

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