March 31, 2021

What is a solar carport?


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In recent years, solar panels and solar water heaters have gained popularity in the Netherlands at a rapid pace. We can no longer ignore it, fossil fuels are running out. Where in the past our electricity had to be extracted from coal, gas and/or oil, we are now increasingly opting for sustainable electricity from renewable sources, such as solar energy or wind energy.  Not only because fossil fuels are scarce, but when these fuels are burned, CO2 is also released, so the fuels cause environmental pollution. A solar water heater or a solar carport generates sustainable energy. This does not involve less to less CO-2 emissions. For this reason, this current is also called green energy. In this part of our knowledge base you can read everything about how you can generate green electricity for your company through a solar carport.

Green energy

In the Netherlands, more and more green energy is generated, but not enough to provide all households and businesses with this. More and more individuals and companies are therefore investing in green energy themselves.  Not surprising, because by 2050 our country must be practically energy and CO2 neutral. If you have your own company or company, time is ticking even faster, because new rules will soon apply there. From 1 January 2023, your office must have a minimum energy label C and from 2030 at least label A will be the requirement. Reason enough to quickly switch to green energy.

But what exactly is that?  Green energy is electricity generated from renewable or renewable energy sources, where no to less CO2 is released during generation.  In the Netherlands, solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, water and biomass are covered by green electricity. Although the latter can be discussed whether this current is really green, according to Milieu Centraal this is not the case. Wood is often burned for this purpose, or crops specially grown for biomass are used. This source is labelled as sustainable, but it is a disputed green source.

The solar carport

Solar panels are essential in the energy transition. Private individuals often install solar panels or a solar water heater at home to contribute to a better climate. As an entrepreneur you can also opt for a solar carport.  A solar carport combines functionality with durability.  The functionality of the carport is the canopy under which one can place a car or another vehicle, often at home or at an office building, in order to protect it from different weather conditions. The building consists in its usual form of a covered parking space that can be carried out separately or attached. A sunroof can therefore be installed on the roof of the carport. The solar carport can then be used to create a green parking space or to supply an office building with green energy.

The advantages of a solar carport

By turning your parking lot into a carport with a sunroof, you catch two birds with one stone. For example, the advantages of a carport are more protection of the vehicles against weather conditions for extra safety. In addition, by generating solar energy you can power your business premises or charge electric cars in an environmentally friendly way under the carport. In addition, with a solar carport you are eligible for a number of subsidies and other tax advantages. In addition, solar energy has two major advantages: it ensures less to no CO2 emissions and solar energy is inexhaustible. This way of generating electricity is virtually non-burdensome for the environment. With a solar roof you contribute to a better environment and you benefit from greener energy for your vehicles or business premises.

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