June 3, 2020

The benefits of a sustainable parking space



Amperapark transforms your grey parking space into a solar energy source. Through our solar carports, your parking space is not a grey spot, but also generates energy in a sustainable way. In this way, the parking lot gets a double function with a green tint.

In addition, the solar carports have even more advantages. Below we will tell you more about the advantages and construction of our AmperaPort.

What are the benefits?

By using the AmperaPort you contribute to energy generation in a sustainable way. This has positive effects on the image of your organization.

There are also several economic benefits to a solar carport from AmperaPark. By generating power you generate extra income and the dual function of your land makes your land worth more. Grants can cover part of the project costs, which can lower the investment.

There are also advantages for the users of your parking space. AmperaPark’s solar carports offer the perfect opportunity to charge an electric car.

In addition, cars stay dry, cool and clean by parking under the Amperaport. The AmperaPort also has a modern design, making the solar carports a good eye-catcher for your business.

The construction of the solar carport

A solar carport is not the same as a solar park, which are often placed on large grassy plains. On empty plains, the designer has all the space to install the solar panels as efficiently as possible. Your premises, on the other hand, must also function well as a parking space. A professional preliminary study is important to distribute the solar carports in the most efficient way, without compromising the number of parking spaces and the efficiency of the power generation. By working with various knowledge partners, we can ensure that the amperaport’s technology is up-to-date and therefore the most efficient.

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